Online Print Store™, BrandKit™, OPS Corporate Print™, OPS Fulfillment Center™, and eTracker™ are applications created and hosted by The Sefton Group as an application service provider. Customers are licensed to use the site software under specific terms and conditions. The software is the intellectual and copyright property of The Sefton Group, LLC ("Sefton") which grants to the Customer a personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the Online Printstoreā„¢ site Application Software (the "Software"), running on Sefton's servers. A complete copy of our license and terms of use can be found at End User License Agreement

Technical Support
Sefton provides Full Service & Support for its hosted applications. This support includes email and phone support for users of our hosted applications, continuous maintenance updates to the hosted software applications and site database backups. Included end-user support covers normal business hours, 9:00pm - 5:00pm central time. Round the clock, 24x7, end-user support is available.

OPS applications are very intuitive and easy to use. If your user's have ever ordered anything on they will be comfortable using OPS. We can also provide custom on-site or web-based training programs addressed to the specific needs of your user's. Web programs can be live, or archived into a library of resources available to end users by simply clicking on the OPS help button.

Program Development
Your unique needs are always very important to us. As powerful as OPS is, there are situations where you need to have the functionality modified or extended to meet your specific business needs. Sefton offers consultation and development services to answer this need.