Personal URL Campaigns
UniPURL™ is our proprietary software for creating and managing PURL (Personal URL) campaigns. A UniPURL™ campaign is a multi-touch campaign that takes your direct marketing to the next level.

UniPURL™ automatically generates personal websites for your prospects. Each website is customized for that customer and also allows you to gather information about that individual prospect's desires and purchase drivers. This allows you to create 1-to-1 marketing pieces based on the prospect's real thoughts...not just their demographic information.

How's a UniPURL™ campaign work?
Step One: The initial step is to get the PURL (Personal URL) in the hands of your prospects and give them an incentive to visit and give you some information. This is typically done in the form of a direct mail postcard or blast email. The incentive can be an invitation to an event, a white paper, a contest or promotional item (such as a coffee mug!)

Step Two: The prospect visits their PURL. At the PURL, you will give them some information about your product and have them fill out a short survey. This survey gathers information on the buyer's interests, desires and drivers...information far beyond any mailing list.

Step Three: Use the information the prospect has provided to create a follow-up marketing piece (e.g. email or brochure) which is sent to the customer. You can follow-up with a sales call, further information or another incentive to visit their PURL...and start the process over again.

  • According to the Direct Marketing Association, 33% of direct mail recipients prefer to respond online.
  • PURLs give them a simple way to go online...and provides you with reporting information and a way to gain more information about the prospect.
  • Typical mass marketing campaigns may realize a 1‐2% response rate. Research is showing one-to-one marketing campaigns are showing 5‐6% response rate. That greatly improves Return on Investment (ROI) for these campaigns.

Unique Destinations is an example of a basic UniPURL project specification. Unique Destinations Specification Document