Online Print Store
Sefton’s Online Print Store (OPS), powered by a flexible, web-enabled SQL database and integrated composition engine is a revolutionary way to buy and distribute print materials. It is a customized tool that automates print buying, letting you order, track, generate reports, and manage distribution online—more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before.

Online Print Store facilitates communication among buyers and approvers at Navigant Consulting’s locations worldwide. Orders can be placed easily—at any time, anywhere—without multiple phone calls, requests, and operational redundancies. Online Printstore tracks orders, routes orders for required approvals, generates purchasing and inventory reports.

Online Print Store security allows orders to be placed securely and only by authorized buyers. Online Print Store’s Approvers receive access to all functions including approval of all orders, password control and access to tracking and report generation.

The database-driven design allows personalization fields to be pre-populated from user profile information or pull-down menus. Template rules ensure that all orders comply with corporate brand guidelines. Learn more

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